Foundation Incorporation

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Foundation Incorporation

  • Quick, easy incorporation
  • Clear, legal structure
  • Zero taxation on all assets
  • High level of anonymity
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An offshore Foundation is a separate legal entity (similar to Limited company) but with beneficiaries instead of shareholders. Assets (both movable and immoveable such as property, shares and money) can be donated to the Foundation by its Founder and becomes the legal property of the Foundation.

Incorporating a global offshore Foundation is ideal for family succession/ estate planning, asset protection and flexible taxation management. Foundations can be formed for many reasons, such as charitable, specific purpose or to protect assets as part of succession/estate planning.

Formations House offers incorporation of Foundations with the clearest legal structure, Zero tax on movable and immovable assets held in the Foundation and a closed registry for a high level of anonymity.

  • Accounting – Our offshore Foundation will be obliged to file annual accounts to the Registry. The accounts should detail all income and donations received, all sales and purchases and any assets and liabilities of the Foundation.
  • Registered Office must be maintained in the offshore jurisdiction of incorporation
  • All Due Diligence documentation of the Founder

It takes only 10 minutes to incorporate a Foundation. Once incorporated, you will receive:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Registry stamped Foundation Charter Document
  • Foundation Regulations
  • Appointment of the 1st Councillors by the Founder
  • First Resolution of the Councillors
  • Additional Certified Copy documents where required