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A Managed company enables you to outsource the entire management of your company and operate it anonymously whilst maintaining high levels of company, accounting and business compliance.

Our service provides a human director, a bank account, accounting and administration of company funds. We will also provide you with documentation to outline you as the beneficial owner of the company to ensure you have security and peace of mind.

Product Descriptions

New Company Incorporation: We will register a new company with a name of your choice where available. Everything is processed online and all documents including the original Certificate of Incorporation are made available. We also have a large number of ready incorporated companies available to purchase.

Bank Account: We will arrange for a bank account to be opened with one of our preferred banks.

No of Transactions Per Month: Transactions are considered as payments we make on your behalf to your suppliers or other parties. Additional charges will apply per transaction once your monthly allowance has been used.

Statement Times: We can provide the bank statements for your company. Depending on the level of service you have ordered, we can provide you your bank statements on a fortnightly, weekly or daily/ on demand basis.

Registered Address: This is the address legally required by authorities in Hong Kong. Only government mails will be accepted here, which will be scanned and an electronic copy placed in your account.

Virtual Office Mailing: Providing your business with a trading address and mail forwarding service. Letters and small packages can be received and stored securely for collection or forwarding subject to the cost of the postage.

Virtual Office Phone/Fax: A dedicated London area code phone and fax number is provided with a virtual receptionist to answer calls when you are unavailable.  A message will be taken and emailed to you or the call can be forwarded. Faxes will be received and an electronic copy placed in your account.

Accounting: As per government requirements, all companies are required to file their accounts annually. We provide access to a comprehensive suite of accounting tools and at the end of the accounting period we will prepare and file your company accounts.

Payroll: Our comprehensive payroll management software makes it easy for you to administer employee payments, commissions and bonuses. Each month you can manually adjust what payments you would like us to make or use the automatic payroll functions via the software.

PAYE Filing: We will prepare and submit company returns for PAYE, Corporation Tax subject to your approval. This enables complete outsourcing of all accounting requirements make managing your operations even simpler.  

Share Certificate: Share Certificate

Trust Document: This document is a Declaration of Trust contract stating how assets will be managed by one party for the benefit of another. It also states that all assets assigned to the director are held in trust for the beneficial owner of the company.

Power of Attorney: We can provide you with a general Power of Attorney document.