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Seychelles IBC's have no tax liabilities. The tax rate is zero percent (0%).

Payment of capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes and death duties are not applicable on IBC's registered in the Seychelles

All dividends, interests, royalties, rents, compensations and other amounts are exempted from the payment of income tax in the Seychelles.

Incorporation Procedure

Incorporation takes up to 3-4 working days. Initially a name search will be conducted before the registration is submitted. We will let you know if your preferred name is not available and may offer some alternatives.

The authorized share capital is the amount invested by the shareholder(s) at the time of starting a business. There are no minimum or maximum limits for the authorized share capital. We can incorporate an IBC in the Seychelles for as less as one share. The share capital can be in any currency or in more than one currency. It need not be in Rupee (official currency of the Seychelles), USD or GBP even.

Issued share capital: The issued share capital is the amount of shares issued by a company. Issued share capital is not a requirement for an IBC. An IBC may or may not issue shares at the discretion of the directors. However, if shares are issued, the amount must be paid in full. Shares can be issued for considerations other than cash such as services, properties, shares of another company, etc.

The minimum issued capital may also be only one share with or without par value. Payment of minimum capital is not required. However, if paid, the minimum capital can be one fully paid share.

An IBC is allowed to buy back (redeem) its shares, which may be either cancelled or kept as treasury shares.

Classes of shares

An IBC can have the following types of shares:

  • Registered Shares
  • Shares of No Par Value
  • Redeemable Shares
  • Preference Shares
  • Shares with or without Voting Rights

A minimum of one Director and one shareholder is required. There is no restriction on the nationality of residence. A director or secretary may be an individual or a company.

Appointing a company secretary is not a mandatory requirement for incorporating an IBC in Seychelles. A sole director (also acting as a shareholder) can incorporate an IBC. If appointed, the secretary may be an individual or company. There are no nationality or residence restrictions for company secretaries.
The information of directors, officers and shareholders can be kept completely confidential.

Annual requirements

A Seychelles company is not required to file its Annual Return each year.
Preparation and disclosure of financial statements and company accounts is not a mandatory requirement for an IBC. An offshore company's finances enjoy complete protection from financial scrutiny of any kind. There is no need to hire auditing services. However, company directors can maintain accounts and records needed for their own use anywhere in the world.

Registers of Company Directors, Officers and Shareholders:
Registers of directors and officers need not be maintained by an IBC. If prepared, the registers may or may not be maintained at the registered address of the IBC in the Seychelles. However, the registers of the shareholders must be maintained at the registered address of the IBC in the Seychelles.

IBC's registered in the Seychelles are allowed to have beneficial owners. Their identities need not be disclosed publicly. Shares may be also held by a nominee shareholder on the behalf of a beneficial owner.


International Business Companies enjoy complete exemption from all provisions of the Seychelles Income Tax Act. Neither the company nor its employees have to pay any kind of taxes. Non-residents of the Seychelles are exempt from the income tax payable on dividends, interest, rents, royalties, compensations as well as on other amounts which are paid to an individual by an IBC. There are no capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes or death duties to be paid by an International Business Company and its directors in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles currently have Double Taxation Treaties with China, South Africa and Indonesia.

There are no foreign exchange controls or restrictions in the Seychelles for an offshore company. Funds can be easily transferred to and from the Seychelles.

Whats Included

  • Company Incorporation fee
  • Registered Address
  • Registered / Local Agent’s fee


  • Services Office in Seychelles
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Audit Exemption Certificate
  • Bank Account opening
  • Company Seal (a legal requirement for incorporating in the Seychelles)*

* Delivery of the physical seal will be extra